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BPE-14 Turbo Alternator
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BPE-14 on Aeronca
Aeronca 7AC w/BPE-14


Characteristics Model 1008
Size 7 in. high
5 in. dia
Weight 5 lbs.
Volt Output 14 Volts DC
Current Output
@85 mph
6 amps
Price (plus shipping) $795.00
2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The BPE-14 TURBO ALTERNATOR was designed to be installed on most classic, antique and home built aircraft without an electrical system.

This is a new design of the old Wind Generator, using the newest in technology techniques and materials. Particular effort was made to optimize the power output (6 amps at 85 mph), with size (5" in diameter), and weight (5 pounds).

STC'd for several aircraft, the unit contains the Turbo Alternator with built-in regulator, and installation kit. A battery is not needed but the Turbo alternator will only produce current while flying.



Skywalker with BPE-14
SkyWalker w/BPE-14
(Customized Paint to Match your Plane)

STC'd for:

  • Aeronca 7AC, 7BC, 11AC, 11BC
  • Piper J3, PA-11, PA-15, PA-18
  • Taylorcraft BC 12-D
  • Luscombe 8
  • Stearman A75N1

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