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The  BAE-14/28 TurboAlternator is a manually deployed, air driven, emergency electric supply for small aircraft. The unit is capable of supplying electric power to drive a basic complement of flight critical instruments. If a primary electrical system failure should occur, the pilot deploys the miniature turboalternator. The flight can then be continued to the intended destination, or terminated at a convenient airport under more casual conditions.


The TurboAlternator is a true stand-by power supply. In the event the aircraft loses its total electrical system the alternator will still function. The unit is self-exciting, thus it will work in the absence of the battery.


The appropriate installation kit is included to reduce installation time and cost.


The BPE-14 TurboAlternator is a wind driven alternator designed to be installed on most classic, antique and home built aircraft with or without an electrical system.  The TurboAlternator does not require a battery, allowing it to safely power radios, transponders, lights and GPS systems in aircraft originally not certified with an electrical system.

Output: 6 Amps/14 volts @ 100 kts IAS

Weight:  6 lbs

Turbine Diameter:  5"

STC'd for:

Aeronca 7AC, 7BC, 11AC, 11BC

Piper: J3, PA-11, PA-15, PA-18

Taylorcraft: BC 12-D

Luscombe 8

Stearman A75N1

Output: 12 Amps/14 volts @ 105 kts IAS
             7.7 Amps /28 volts @ 105 kts IAS


Weight:  7 lbs

Turbine Diameter:  5"

STC'd for:


C-182 (all models)

C-206 (all models)

C-210 (all models)

PA-32  (all models)

PA-28 (all models)


The Turbo Alternator is temporarily unavailabe. It should be available for purchase in July, 2024.  For status updates or questions, please email us

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